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An exciting adventure for the King's Guard, discovering tricks and crossing traps in the evil world to restore the King's crown.

King’s Guard is an amazingly simple side scrolling android mobile phone game. Which puts the player in the shoes of a medieval knight who has to overcome and defeat adversity by going through a castle full of obstacles of various kinds such as fire balls moving vertically and platform that collapse as soon as you step on them, to name a few. It's not only the obstacles but the overall engaging gameplay which the developers have been able to achieve in King’s Guard, by mixing these simple variables in such a creative way that forces the player to make quick decisions in mild adrenaline inducing gameplay. Which does not only make the player enjoy the game but also makes the player to come back to King’s Guard again and try his hand to get to even higher scores. 

Easy-to-learn controls with one click, rich visual effects and addictive game mechanics.


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